Wait - a truly professional trading platform for only $50?!?!

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    Hi there. Many of you are asking about the price of the new Trading Technologies TT platform.

    TT starts at $50/month, which includes market access to the platform's main features with low transactional fees. Pricing is posted on our website here:


    TT’s suite of professional trading tools including Autospreader, ADL, Aggregator, third-party algos and TT Mobile is available. You can try the platform now for free by going to trade.tt and creating an account. All you need is an email address, and the process only takes a few minutes.

    If you need additional information, feel free to PM your contact details to me, or you can call your local TT sales office. Contact details are here on our website:

  2. hi Brian,

    i looked at the the video..very interesting.....can i trade custom spreads on the autospreader via the mobile app or android? how does this work?
  3. Brian Mehta

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    Yes. Synthetic spreads created with Autospreader may be viewed and traded on TT Mobile. The attached screenshots show a synthetic 3:2 30 Year / Ultra Bond (30Ultra -3x2) spread which was created in Autospreader.
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  4. gamechanger!

    ok just to confirm i plaace an order on the android, that the execution is still serverside and not through mobile wifi?

    i find this hard to believe, i mb switching provider if this is the case
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    Yes, your synthetic orders are managed on co-located servers and not managed locally on your mobile device.
  6. thanks for the quick response...
  7. I had a question and used the 'contact us' form on your site. It's been many moons since then and still no answer. Boy, if this is how your sales people handle potential customers, I'd hate to think of what happens after you sign up and pay. In my day nobody went home until all of the day's inquiries had been answered.
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    learner2007: please PM your information and inquiry and I'll make sure we respond asap. Thx
  9. Are you guys going to keep supporting xtrader as a desktop based platform because I do not like the new TT and have no intention of switching. IMO it's trying to over simplify everything, it might be good for hobby traders that want to log in from their phones (which by the way I've been able to do for years using the teamviewer app) but not professionals that want a boatload of options like myself. Also you got rid of the volume profile on the MD trader ladders, why would you get rid of that!?
  10. Drew Shields

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    We will continue to support X_TRADER until we have reached a level of feature and market support in TT that makes supporting both platforms unnecessary. It’s important to note that this does not mean we will build every XT feature like-for-like in TT -- after all, there are plenty of areas we can improve the trader experience -- but it does mean that the platform will allow you to be just as competitive across all markets as you are today, if not more so. There are plenty of workflows that exist in XT that should be improved upon in terms of user efficiency: while it may appear simpler in execution, the goal is always about minimizing the amount of time it takes the user to perform the most important activities.

    It’s also important to note that just because you don’t see something in the TT platform today doesn’t mean we’ve consciously chosen to omit it. This technology allows us to rapidly iterate on the platform, so you will see new features (and some old ones) appear as time goes on, of course without the need for software upgrades or installs. For many traders, what the platform currently supports is more than enough to support their trading workflows, whether they are spreaders or point-and-click traders. But if you still need features that are not yet implemented, we encourage you to check back in the coming weeks and months to see if we’ve addressed your primary concerns.

    I’m glad you brought up MD Trader volume profile. This is actually undergoing testing in our internal environment and will be rolling out to production in just a few weeks. One of the reasons we haven’t rolled this out yet is because it is being built in a very different and more flexible way than previously. For instance, you will soon be able to specify your time period for volume-at-price (in XT it only shows you the daily volume), so you could see the weekly or monthly volume at each price level. This feature is leveraging our 10+ years of historical data (which, incidentally, comes at no extra cost with a TT account).

    Thanks for your questions and feedback and keep an eye out for enhanced features and access to new markets in the coming weeks.

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