Wait a couple months or buy new laptop on Black Friday?

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  1. I'm in the market for a new mid-range laptop. I'm wondering if I should get a Black Friday deal, or if I should just wait a couple months because there will be even better deals after Xmas(will there?).

    I've never shopped Black Friday before so I'm trying to gauge how good the laptop deals really are, compared to the fact that laptops generally keep falling in price over time anyways.

    I'm also looking for a car GPS so I have the same questions about that. Thanks for any insights
  2. There was a period in my life money was tight so I would only shop once a year on Black Friday.

    Clothing, Xmas presents, birthday presents for next year, Electronics, Furniture, you name it.

    Best time of the year to buy.

    Best of luck.

  3. I just took a dump and was wondering if I should wait for Friday to buy Charmin on sale and use a corn cob today to save a few cents.

    The last time I bought a case of Charmin, it went on sale the following week, and I was quite upset.

    What should I do?
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    totally agree.
    money is not a problem now, but i'm still buying most of big items on black friday. tv,pc parts,tools etc. looking to buy washer\dryer combo this friday.
  5. if your waiting in line you need to be in the front. I did black friday Bestbuy for a desktop and a laptop in 2007. And we arrived 24 hours ahead of time, and was barely made it. there was some 100 to 200 people waiting in line. They all didnt get their laptops as there is only 10? the first few people in the doors get all the good stuff and you wasted 24 hours in the freezing cold when you could have been home eating hot turkey. I even have a video on youtube somewhere. Just shill the coin and go buy what you need now or later..


    P.S clothing might be a different story, but electronics not worth the time unless your broke. never again will I!
  6. Better yet, call the Co. that makes a laptop you like, and get a refurbished one. CHEAP!
  7. I went late on Black Friday last year and made an offer on some items I wanted and I got most of them at my price. Buyers market, plus I slept in. Not rock bottom but I ain't waiting even a few hours in freezing temps for some Chinese crap.

    Dell already has the Black Friday deals out and so does Apple. There is a I5 quad with 27 inch 25% off, 1500 that's a good deal for a MAC. Just call up Dell, bluff them and hardball they are desperate and so is every other retailer.
  8. interesting that you bring up bargaining with the big chains; were your offers even lower than their black friday sale prices?
  9. anybody have opinions on the reliability of a dell refurbished laptop? My concern with that is you have no way of knowing how close to dying any of the internal components are.
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    I'd figure out first what laptop you want and then see if it's onsale on Black Friday. There are lots of deals from HP and Dell all through the year. http://www.bensbargains.net frequently lists coupons you can use but they expire fairly rapidly so you need to be on top of it. I bought an HP Pavilion 17" high end laptop a year and a half ago that retailed for $1500 but I used a $500 off coupon so got it for $1000. Plus they frequently throw in free shipping and other incentives. Also eBay has good deals but you have to know how to deal with the sellers there so you don't get ripped off. http://www.notebookreview.com is also a good place to research different models.

    And you can type in the name of the manufacturer you want on Google and add "coupon". Good luck.
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