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  1. WAG has risen above its downward trend line... time to buy for the long run? position traders, what say you?

  2. It's an interesting idea but you have to ask yourself what kind of market are we in defensive or offensive?
    secondly there's " natural " chart reads and those bumped by storylines, Walgreens announced some good pharmacy sales and decent same store #'s and that jumped the stock 3%. So before that press release it looked like a total piece of sh*t short now after another good day it's " broken a trend line " I'm not so sure I think Walmart is a problem for these guys and I just haven't seen any big push to group buy medications by the Gov to give to seniors at a good rate which presumably would drive other sales at Walgreen once they got in the door. A more likely scenario would have the stock head back down to last weeks highs in the $41.50 area base a bit and by then the market will be in the defensive mode which should drive the stock up and result in a chart with a natural break of a trendline.
  3. I wouldn't buy it until it could prove it could get over 42.98.
  4. still strong
  5. http://stockcharts.com/h-sc/ui?s=WAG&p=W&b=5&g=0&id=p83871734964

    Yes. Buy it right now along with CVS.

    Mass layoffs at end of year. I can feel it in the corporate world. Large companies usually lay off at the end of year. Employment report was strong because the lay offs have not started. In January, employment report will be a wreck and Bernanke is going to be very hawkish tommorrow. Maybe even raise the rates.

    Pharmacy store stocks will take off once the rest of the market tanks. They are also good over the summer.

    I think it will make it over 44. Risky though until it gets over 44.

    This along with CVS and LKQX are the only good longs I see. Drilling stocks too with 8.3 million acres opened, but wait until after OPEC meeting.

    May is not six months from now, its right now.
  6. Definately wait and see. But it is a possible long.

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    The OBV looks kind of ugly on this thing.
    On the other hand the TRIX is converging and staples might be seeing an influx of money as investors seek shelter.

    I wouldnt be a buyer, but after it pulls back after last week's rally - it might be possible.