Wag the Fag?

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  1. http://abcnews.go.com/GMA/story?id=2040108&page=1

    Of all the problems and issues that require immediate attention and work from Washington:

    - 12 million + illegal immigrants saturating middle America
    - border and port security is a joke
    - Osama Bin Laden is still on the loose
    - Iraq is a pair of concrete shoes to our military
    - Iran wants the mother of all bombs
    - N. Korea already has them
    - record budget deficit
    - record trade deficit
    - healthcare costs are outrageous and creeping towards crippling
    - etc. etc. etc

    Concerns that gays are a "hazard" to American families is the best that they can do? How much more transparently frivilous can they get?
  2. Yur right on. You should have an IQ of at least a hundred before you are allowed to vote.
  3. ElCubano


    shouldnt the person receiving the votes also be held to those standards??? you one racial mo-fo hoodey...I guess your old ass just cant handle a couple of cubers taking over.... ;o)

    p.s. dont forget to take your geratol....
  4. fhl


    We have ongoing policies/legislation on all of the above except homosexual marriage. What was that about needing an IQ above 100?
  5. That would mean the end of the Democrat Party.
  6. Don't forget global warming on your list:D
  7. BAM!:)
  8. With that requirement, Dubya wouldn't be the president, with his room temperature (in Celsius scale) IQ. :D That would have prevented the screw up of the country and perhaps then the Dems wouldn't have anyone to blame and that would have been their end.
  9. who amonst you deny you want to smoke the bone?

    in your deepest heart of hearts

    dont tell me1 know
  10. And they are all doing so well? None of them needs further work?

    Using this logic, it's time for the Senate to rack up yet another POS legislation that goes nowhere.

    If Dubyah actually gave a damn about this issue, he would have tackled it years ago. If the Senate met the IQ requirement suggested above, they wouldn't attempt to present a bill that has a slim chance of success right after they tried to shovel one out that defies the will of the majority of legal citizens in this country. Let's call this what it really is: an attempt to divert attention away from the failures of this administration and the pandering of a social conservative constituancy.

    I should certainly hope that the "intelligent" voters in this country would start to realize that voting strictly along the lines of party loyalty gets you nowhere. However, judging from your response, I suppose that won't be the case.
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