Waffen SS Propaganda Video -- Good Stuff!!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by BernardRichards, Dec 31, 2009.

  1. This song and video mix is virtually spiritual to a native Austrian / German in portraying the German martial spirit.

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  2. Good stuff Bernie:cool:

    Herr Rennick Aus:cool:
  3. The German people are the natural descendants of the Romans hence the military characteristics of the language -- just like Latin.

    However, that is no longer the case due to Herr Adolph Hitler's alliance with the Muslim Brotherhood. Now the Arabs and the rest of the Muslim riffraff have polluted Austria, Germany, and the rest of Europe (or should I say Eurabia) physically as well as culturally.
  4. When someone comes out with something this stupid, ignoring the Italians and modern Romans who actually live in Rome, I just have to shake my head and pray you invest in the markets.
  5. Is it true Hitler was a jew?
  6. I'm sorry! I forgot that the mighty Italians are the real spiritual descendants of the fighting Romans while they eat their macaroni and make amore.
  7. Of course! Didn't you see the twelve inch side locks dangling from his Aryan head? What more proof does one need then that?