Wael's goodbye, why deleted?

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by gunslinger, Jan 13, 2006.

  1. Not that I'm a wael advocate, however he is/was one of the more colorful characters on ET chat. Why was his farewell deleted. I believe that members are entitled to hear a goodbye from someone that was such a staple in the ET community. Otherwise we will never know what happened to him, kind of like Chuck on Happy Days. So, what gives?
  2. Wael left?
    If true thats too bad, I liked his style when I read "those" kind of threads.
    Did he give a reason for leaving?
  3. liked wael; his people must have been very proud of what he was doing here

    what a pity
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    Rampant deleting is one reason I would NEVER pay for ET if they went subscription.

    I don't know anything about Wael's post, but I know my own story. One of my posts was deleted years ago, and I am still bitter about it -- it had no foul language whatsoever, but was "politically incorrect" (it was strongly against the ruling Republican party, who tend heavily towards fascism) and basically proved them incorrect on the issue at hand. It took me an hour to research and write, and one second for some unintelligent Republican-worshipping mod to delete. Deleting for content as opposed to obscenity is not to protect 'public morality" or the children who theoretically read ET and need protecting; it is censorship of ideas, plain and simple, which is one of the cornerstones of socialism and fascism and is absolutely unacceptable on a supposedly libertarian-capitalistic forum.

    Anyway, see you Wael. At least you promoted independent thought and conversation -- a nice change from the leadership-idolizing mental tots whose angry anti-dissent rants predominate chit-chat.
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    Are you sure a mod deleted it. I think members can delete if they change their minds quick enough.

    Also the chit chat moderator is not a conservative IMHO.
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