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  1. This guy ain't muslim. Guaranteed!
  2. hughb


    Is this the new trend now? Accusing everyone of being a member of stormfront?
  3. God, I hope not. The only confirmed member of stormfront who frequents this forum is spect8or.

    The trend to accuse everyone else was started by Wael who is doing whatever he can to obfuscate the fact that spect8or is a Nazi and is one of Wael's best buddies on ET.
    Of course Wael's views on Jews, Israel, zionist conspiracies are not all that different from the views of the stormfront members and that's why he fell in love with spect8or but he is also a jihadist, committed islamic apologist and supporter of Hamas/Hibzollah and Ahmadinejaad.
  4. it reminds me of The SPLC who accuses every patriot in america as being a hate group but don't dare ask about their connection to the OKC bombing. we are living in a bizarre time and world. morris dees is a very questionable character and yet he takes the high moral ground. google morris dees and divorce.

    morris hates free speech:

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  5. Khahahahahahahahaha! Jews??? No buddy! I only have a serious problem with zionists and nazis like you dddooo. Which, as I proved, share the same exact belive system. the only difference is the level of hate toward Jews. You, dddooo, hate them less than the nazis.
  6. I will start with comments made by dddooo and then I will follow them with comments made by white supremacists on that website he cried wolf over.

    This is what dddooo said;

    The jury is still out on whether Islam should be considered such a cult, I suppose thousands of terror attacks carried out every year all over the world by muslim extremists while the so-called "peaceful" or "moderate" muslims tacitly and often explicitly approve, defend and justify these attacks is not enough. I guess AAA is right, it will take a few more 9/11s.


    This is what they said on that Nazi website dddooo was bitching about. I am sorry to say but, on that website, they were milder;

    HoustonRob you said what I've been saying for years islam is no more than a cult and the koran is no more than the terrorist hand book hopefully oneday they will find themselves a leader like Jim Jones.


    This is what dddooo said;

    Nevertheless let me try to explain my point - the person who has never criticized Islam, Sharia law, the treatment of women in the muslim world etc, the person who has spent his life bashing everything western and excusing all aspects of islamic extremism is not in a position to attack Bush's refusal to criticize them.


    This is what they said on that Nazi website dddooo was bitching about. I am sorry to say but, on that website, they were milder;

    Islam is not religion, but a political movement masquerading as religion, which wants to invoke Sharia law. Islam does not separate church and state. - Islam = HIV


    This is what dddooo said;

    Anyway I disagree with sputr, while his idea certainly has merits I think instead of killing all muslims we should ban islam in this country just like a lot of other dangerous religous cults are already banned. It can also be done in canada and europe. Muslims would have to either convert to Christianity, Judaism or any other "legal" religion, leave the country, be deported or go to jail.


    And this is a whole thread in there about banning islam and protecting western values...You also expressed that!!!


    And that is after spending 5 minutes using key words between dddooo's posts and posts made on the nazi website.

    To sum it all up, Had I copied dddooo's posts and pasted them on the Nazi website, I would've been wlecomed there with open arms.
  7. wael you're exposing doodoo like no one ever has before... and he hates you for it. this is showing exactly how similar he is to the hate mongers of the past.
  8. I usually judge people based on my personal experience with them. I have disagreed with a lot of people, some of them were zionists. I judged these people based on...Can I trust this man or not!!!

    My inner feeling tells me that I could trust spect8or. My inner feeling tells me that I could also trust gunslinger (even though we swear at each other like crazy) and Rearden.

    When it comes to you and Bruto, aside from you being a zionists, which is obviously an issue for me, both of you are the sleaziest, most conniving, biggest back stabbers ever. You dddooo, for example, do not have a low! You have no ethical red lines! You would do anything to get what you want. Rearden, on the other hand is a zionist but he has moral standards!!! And so is Spect8or! Even though he might be a nazi and I disagree with him as I with you!!!

    You are filthy dddooo. It has nothing to do with you being anything but I guarantee you that zionism helped you get where you are like nazism helped nazis get to where they were.
  9. Yeah, right wael.
    Zionism by definition is the support of the state of Israel. Jews are zionists (95% of them anyway). Not all zionists are jews but virtually all jews are zionists. Do you actually believe that if you substitute "jews for "zionists" and will spread the same old tired nonsense and conspiracy theories you are going to fool anyone? Get real wael, no one is buying this crap (with the exception of RatBaby of course).

    The fact that you were kissing your Nazi buddy's ass when he was railing against the Jews (not against some actions of the state of Israel) speaks volumes about your real views.
  10. doodoo.....

    BUSTED !!!
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