wael vs. dddoo, 2 years later

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  1. Granted this is pol/rel and views rather if ever will change, especially on the intranets. But i was looking at some old threads and the same post for post 10x/day, almost everyday has been continuing for the last 2 years.

    My question, is this "fun" for either of you? I mean is there actual enjoyment gained from net-debating on the same topics over and over and over again?

    Maybe I just don't understand, but I do not understand how the back and forth day after day for YEARS can be at all entertaining ( i mean thats why we use the nets, entertainment right?).

    So what am I missing?
  2. Wael's on Jihad and I just work here (for AIPAC of course :D :D :D )

    Seriously though, he is on a mission to demonize Israel, he (or his pro-Hamas ilk) starts 99% of these "Zionists stole my lunch money" threads and like a typical arab he lies through his teeth in each and every one of them. I just feel like pointing out his lies every now and then.
  3. Its not like anybody is going to read any of this and have their opinion swayed.

    Wondered if it is enjoyment for either of you, or is just a pita to get the last words in?

  4. True, but provides a not so intrigueing insight to the arab -israeli conflict.

    "your a murdering zionist! you sponsor terror, by being israeli!!!! and supporting the boundaries of your country, which we dont agree!!! with, because we lost the war!!but we didnt lose!! the war, because we have jihad and suicide bombers, and the fact we have them proves israel is evil and harming the palestinian cause to have terrorist militia!!!!to fight israel!!!!"

    "But im not israeli, and israel has a right to exist, and they were forced to bulldoze towns, launch pre emptive strikes and maintain effective military control over border areas, due to the refusal of arab leaders to act peacefully, certainly in the wake of the intifada's.
    And the 6 day war. And saddams scud missile attacks. And all the rest. "

    "But-but-its all your fault!!! israeli atrocities!!!! extremist jews!!!!zionist conspiracy!!!And heres some pictures, to prove israel caused muslim terrorist attacks, suicide bombings! and wholesale murder by hamas and other kind hearted, fun!!loving and truly decent political groups!!!!!Its your fault, zinoboy!!!"

    Pretty much sums it up.


  5. Exactly...the same things said for the last 2 years, everyday

    From 11/5


    I just do not see the point, unless one is getting paid for it.
  6. Over/under on the amount of times wael has posted the word "zionist" is:

    +/- 875
  7. Come on guys, you're both smarter than that, equating me to Wael does not reflect the reality. Wael and his insane anti-Israel buddies start all these threads, I don't, the objective of these threads is to bash and demonize Israel, not Arabs/muslims. Wael starts several new anti-Israel threads almost every day, I almost never start anti-Arab/Muslim threads, Wael never posts on any other topic, I do.

    Isn't it obvious that he is the aggressor and initiator of all these threads, I merely respond to his daily dose of hate and lies, I almost never initiate the hostilities. I'd love to stop posting on this topic, unfortunately if I do the number of threads will not decrease but his lies will go unexposed. Only if Wael and a few other Israel obsessed idiots (like TT2) stop posting these threads will disappear.
  8. that's a start in sorting out differences...

    'till there's dialogue there's hope.
  9. Not equating you guys (obviously wael is a order of fries short of a combo meal). But merely pointing out that you 2 have been at this for over 2years. Think about all the time spent posting about the same thing. I firmly believe that nobody has been swayed one way or the other by anything posted on ET.

    I believe that Wael's or for that matter your own threads stand on their merits, or there lack of, without constant rebuttals. Trust me when I say with or w/o you calling out wael on things, readers opinions will remain unchanged.

    Point being, the nets is good entertainment, no need for it to stress anybody.
  10. Did I mention that it's also fun to tease Wael and make fun of him, he gets so worked up and emotional every time he loses an argument (which happens in every thread :D). But of course it's good for him too, as long as he is busy waging his internet jihad he does not get any weird ideas like strapping a suicide belt on and blowing himself up in a Toronto cafe. :D
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