Waddell & Reed?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by flamadiddle, May 15, 2010.

  1. Illum


    No one wants to admit the euro banks were in deep trouble that day.
  2. That's a big one day loss, and someone who doesn't understand how his own order affects liquidity. I would withdraw money from Wadell & Reed pronto.

    Here's the WSJ:

    The $22 billion Ivy Asset Strategy Fund bases its investment decisions on the outlook for U.S. and global economies, and invests in a mix of stocks, bonds, cash and precious metals. A Morningstar Inc. report in March on the fund noted that Ivy Asset at the time had "fully hedged the fund's U.S. stocks."

    Fully hedged? Looks more like getting the higher return benefits of a recovering market, WITHOUT the safety net of being hedged. Then trying to hedge all at once in a declining market to keep up with your promise of being hedged all along - and botching the job at the same time.
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    I doubt that 75.000 mini was the real reason.