Wacky Idea -- TA on Real Estate????

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by Corso482, Apr 6, 2003.

  1. Anyone know a place to find RE info in the form of charts or even just raw RE info?
  2. I too would love to find this. I have searched many websites. The only info I got was from a local re agent and was only five years of local data.
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    try your local real estate board.

    for canadians there is www.royallepage.com that has records dating back to the mid 70s.
  4. its a super-bubble. if u have big cheese, prepare for the right moment (maybe not soon) and pounce short.
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    I think a good area to study would be inter market analysis (John Murphy). Study the relation of the bond market, business cycle, interest rate cycles etc to the real estate market. Not so sure a MACD or EMA on real estate sales would be that useful.
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    i think you'd have a hard time using TA on real estate because you wouldn't have enough quality information on the market... there are not enough transactions and comparable properties to make good judgement.
  7. A bit off topic here, but I recently found charts of gas prices which were averaged from local retailer info in Illinois...Its a very interesting chart...I have to imagine that someone has been clever enough to download median sales prices in many metropolitan and suburban areas for different parts of the country and then chart it into Excel...I definitely think this would be real interesting to chart the TA of say gas prices, real estate median price sales and some other slightly obscure markets...
  8. And how does one short real estate? Do you mean real estate stocks?
  9. How about finding a REIT that concentrates on the market that you're interested in, then just use the TA for their company? Wouldn't that be the shortcut to compiling your own RE stats and making charts? Or are there other factors that go into REIT profitability that would mitigate the accuracy of their charts?
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