Wacko Jacko has made $310 million since he died 2 years ago.

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  1. http://news.yahoo.com/executors-30-million-jackson-heirs-004730380.html

    When I first started reading this article about how his heirs were getting a $30 million dollar payment, I thought it was messed up, because I remember hearing about how he owed 100s of millions of dollars to creditors and I thought they were going to get screwed. Then I read how his estate generated $310 million dollars in the last 2 years.

    Seems insane that a dead guy can make so much more money dead than alive.
  2. maybe you should read about elvis presley
  3. I wish I was dead and making that kind of money.
  4. Yeah, just think of all the stuff you could do with that money!

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    I thought this was about Jack Hershey. Wasn't there a false death report on him a few years ago?
  6. He owed $400MM when was dead

    They are trying to make up for that

    that is all
  7. wow... this is inspiring how much you can do for your heirs even after you're dead. Or maybe support charity.
  8. that black pervert- what a strange individual he was
  9. I guess a dead man is better than an offshore jurisdiction for tax treatment?

    Manufacture $400 million in losses, followed by gains.. Taxes payable ZERO
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