Wachovia (WB)

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by m22au, Jul 10, 2008.

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    I am aware of the announcements last night (new CEO and making a loss this quarter).

    However I notice that the stock has plunged from $14.20 at about 8.25am ET to $13.10 at 8.40am ET.

    Any news or rumors?
  2. Bloomberg report a sell on WB by Meredith Whitney from Oppenhiemer.
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    thanks Trendy

  4. Illum


    I grabbed some WB looking for a buyout, new Ceo announcement made me dump next morning. I thought it was a quick chance, proved me wrong and I was gone. Still possible with JPM wanting exposure in south. GS has them prepped for sale, Bod seems to me... overplayed their hand by waiting and hiring Ceo, now WB in pain. Now it looks like it may be a buyunder.

    I know my trade isn't a big trend for WB haha, but maybe some other short term traders had this in their thinking and lost some hope and dumped.
  5. Stay away...
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    WB has crumbled from 11.50 to about 10.20 in the last few minutes ... any news?
  7. I'm still looking for it, i shorted from 12.18, got out at 11.70, doh!
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    CNBC - news now about ARS