Wachovia protected at the highest levels of the U.S. government

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  1. If illegal drugs were de-criminalized tonight, major banks around the world would close in about 2 weeks.
    They'd run out of cash.
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    in the old days united fruit co. was known as the great white wave for obvious reasons.

    please explain your remark.
  3. Haha thats actually kind of funny because when one thinks about it, what does anyone use cash for nowdays??? Strip clubs, casinos, and drugs. Lol
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    all the conspiracy theories are coming true and those that believe in the system are becoming the united fruit company
  5. A similar article was in Bloomberg Markets in believe in the spring of 2010.. not sure which month.. its was very detailed and thorough, even more so than your article link. It also confirms all this.. they would use FX transactions to launder the money I believe along with smurfs.

  6. yes. quite a few "theories".
    it will be extremely interesting to see public reaction when it will be officially admitted.. the truth about:

    - 9/11
    - hiv virus a swindle. does not exist, millions died from AZT and doctors pills
    - global warming full of sh**
    - cancer treatment. gigantic lie, tens of millions dead from chemo- while natural food is 1000x more effective
    - iraq war. we all know it was started to control oil reserves.
    - free energy. was possible 90 years ago. no need for oil, banking system, nuclear reactors
    - fed printing trillions for pentagon and other peace loving friends
  7. - millions of victims of autism due to vaccines
    - swine flu pandemic a gigantic corruption scam, also designed to kill people- bill gates a huge fan.

    the love of money is the root of all evil
  8. and , of course, the mainstream media with their warriors of truth- journalists who will hype up the most dirty lies just to have a slave job
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    jimmy hoffa,jfk,marilyn monroe,the real reason for the credit meltdown,it wasn't subprime loans....the answers will never be admitted/revealed
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