W10 multiple monitors issue with wake after sleep . Windows are moved around

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by JackMorgan, Jun 1, 2022.

  1. This is a well known problem over a decade old.

    Somehow I didnt have much issue with it all this time, but after a recent Nvidia driver update, shit hits the fan almost every time I sleep and wake the computer . Windows get moved almost randomly off the middle screen

    I've tried ALL the reg hacks, and none are helpful .

    Anyone here ever have this ( i assume there must be ) and found some cure .

    W11 supposedly has a fix for this . but they arent back porting it to W10 , the bastards
  2. DaveV


    This is a known problem with Win 10. Usually it occurs only with DisplayPort connections. Try switching to HDMI connections.
  3. ZBZB


    Turn sleep off.
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  4. maxinger



    Don't wait for Windows 12, 13, 14 .....
    It wouldn't be fixed !!!!!

    The only solution is to throw away graphic cards with DP connection
    and go use the old HDMI cards.

    Or don't put the computer to sleep.

    or don't WIN LOCK the computer.

    Obviously, the big establishments / organisations (using multiple monitors ) are not using
    Microsoft Windows,
    or they don't put the computers to sleep,
    or they don't use WIN LOCK,

    or they don't use DP cards.
    That's why the problem has been there for about a decade.
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  5. lol, check out the W11 fix. They supposedly remember windows positions now natively
  6. maxinger


    Win 11 didn't fix the problem.

    most likely those big organizations are not having windows reshuffling problems.
    only small Microsoft customers like us are having such a problem.

    That's why the problem has been there for a decade.
    It is definitely on the Microsoft LOW / ZERO PRIORITY TO-DO LIST.
  7. My extensive hair pulling research makes me think this is mostly a hardware issue, thus the difficulty in fixing it .

    Why do you say the w11 'fix' doesnt work, have you tried it ?
  8. maxinger


    I have been on win 11 for more than a year.

    I have been reshuffling windows for the past ten years.

    I have tried those worthless useless hopeless anti-reshuffle-windows software.

    sigh ....
  9. My card has three outputs, dvi , hdmi and dp. I am actually using a dp to hdmi adapter, so the none of the monitors are dp ! Still the port is dp, so MAYBE it doesnt matter.
  10. dunno man , did you enable the 'fix' ??? . Like I said, until this recent driver update, I 'rarely' had this problem , would wake from sleep most of the time with all windows intact.
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