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  1. Who has seen it? I'm going tonight. Movie reviews tomorrow.
  2. Oliver Stone is drastically overrated.

    He hasn't made a good flick in close to 20 years. After "Alexander" in 2004, I threw in the towel on that hack. One of the top 10 worst movies ever made.

    His filmography outside of Wall St. and Platoon basically reads like a train wreck of big budget flops.
  3. Sooooo....you won't be seeing it.

    did you like Born on the Fourth of July?
  4. Thought it was alright, expected more given the shadow cast by Bush's tenure. Alot omitted. I won't go into what but afterwards you may agree. And, I really got tired of him constantly eating or dirinking something probably Stone needing to portray a mammary fixation. Rice is a caricature, even moreso than she is for real. Overall nothing more insightful than what has been discovered already.
  5. Alexander was by far the worst film I have ever seen it was really bad, god awful bad, damage your brain you never want to see it again bad.
  6. Woody Allen should do

  7. 1) Not a chance.

    2) No. Turned it off halfway through.
  8. Agreed.
  9. MGJ


    New York magazine's profile of the filmmaker, ends up relatively positive about the film http://nymag.com/movies/profiles/51160/

    Hilariously, the official "review" of the picture appears in the same issue, is 1/10th as long, and negative.
  10. They're making a sequel to Wall Street. It's going to be called "Money Never Sleeps". Michael Douglas is supposed to be in it again.

    What's Ivan Boesky up to these days anyway?
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