w.d. gann

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  1. I am really having trouble understanding Gann analysis. If anyone can help me I would really appreciate it. Posting a few charts would really be helpful.
  2. Gann's not as hard to understand as it is to apply. Analysis is one thing, and the reality of what happens is quite another. A little bit of Gann knowledge can be a very dangerous thing!!! The trader who can consistently apply Gann, et al. is very rare, and I would surmise that successful practioners comprise a smaller fraction of successful traders. I would like to quote one ETer who asked:

    "Did you square the circle yet?" :p
  3. Gann is basically about perfect symetry and perfect projections.

    You should check out


    That program is based on perfect equilibriums in the market. It's not exactly Gann based, but it would simplify things quite a bit.