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do gann use astro ?

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  1. nis


    hi all
    do any one researched on w.d.gann,sepherial,dane rudhyar or any other astrologers?
    does any on e researched on BIBLE in the sake of cycles as said by legendary trader wdgann

    please reply

    may god bless u
  2. FWIW a well know man at the time who died 7 years ago and who had developed Trading Software using Gann tools told me that he hired a PI in London to go to the library and see which books Gann had checked out.

    They were all Astrology, and Numerology books. Also books n Mysticism.
  3. This is one of the more interesting troll posts on ET with a response by a 4-digit post count member. A shame the OP is nearly illiterate. Is there a point here? I've missed it..
  4. Kubinec


    I don't care what Gann used, but I do know that if rumors about Gann's predictive abilities were true, and THAT'S A BIG IF, then anyone who figures out his method WILL NOT be selling a course or a book revealing it.

    I spent thousands of $$$ on all this esoteric bullshit with no results, astrology too.
  5. nis


    hi friend's

    have u researched on" The Tunnel Thru the Air"of wdgann?
    have read BIBLE &found any astro cycles from their?

    i belive we should not invest any thing any where becoz i belive nobody knows gann's true method of astro,those who know will not tell us ,so we had to try to get all info through astro &bible
    friends have u met with any TRUE gann student or consulted "gann study group"or"wheel in the sky group" members?
    wdgann "those who work for good cause their success is imminent "

    i have seen person with the name "wdgann "who is communicating with others in this forum have u contacted him?

    please reply

    my god bless all
  6. Kubinec


    Yes, Gann has reincarnated himself, didn't you know? Wow, you're so far behind the times.

    On a serious note, let me tell you my honest opinion about it, as someone who had done an in-depth research into Gann and astrology - crap!

    Gann made money marketing and selling his products, whether he ever traded or not is not known. Matter of fact, Gann is probably one of the earliest great promoters of the financial world. Those newspapers that had articles about his supposed trades and prediction (which was wrong, btw) could've had a piece of the pie that was the promotional scam that was perpetrated by Gann on his clients. Gann's own son said that he was simply a chartist, and didn't possess any secret method of predicting future values.
  7. nis


    hi Gubinec

    i belive that wdgann was greatest astrologer &trader ,he does possess secret knowledge ,he was freemasonry,
    he told his students to go for bible for cycles.he was greatset trader and there is no doubt about it

  8. benwm


    I read Tunnel Thru The Air three times as Gann suggested (!) as well as many of his other books. However, I suspect WD Gann was nothing more than a snake oil salesman. Apparently he left $100k inheritance for his children, but when you consider that he wrote numerous trading books over the course of his lifetime, how much did he make trading? Probably little if anything.

    Although Jesse Livermore probably should have taken 101 Risk Management given that he bankrupted himself four times, if you want to study a trader from the past he would be a much better choice IMHO. There is little doubt he also made several millions over the course of his lifetime.
  9. From a book which tells stories of people who watched gann trade

    ""One of the most astonishing calculations made by Mr. Gann was during last summer [1909] when he predicted that September Wheat would sell at $1.20. This meant that it must touch that figure before the end of the month of September. At twelve o'clock, Chicago time, on September 30th (the last day) the option was selling below $1.08, and it looked as though his prediction would not be fulfilled. Mr. Gann said, 'If it does not touch $1.20 by the close of the market it will prove that there is something wrong with my whole method of calculation. I do not care what the price is now, it must go there.' It is common history that September Wheat surprised the whole country by selling at $1.20 and no higher in the very last hour of trading, closing at that figure."

    "Yes, we have made a great deal of money. Gann has taken half-million dollars out of the market in the past few years. I once saw him take $130, and in less than one month run it up to over $12,000. Gann can compound money faster than any man I have ever met."

    During the month of October, 1909, in twenty-five market days, W D Gann made, in the presence of our representative, two hundred and eighty-six transactions in various stocks, on both the long and short side of the market. Two hundred and sixty-four of these transactions resulted in profits ; twenty-two in losses.
  10. benwm


    "tells stories of people who watched Gann trade"
    Smells like BS to me.

    If I met a single trader using Gann's methods who consistently makes money I would re-evaluate, but I haven't yet.

    Have you?
    #10     Aug 2, 2010