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Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Tom631, Jul 16, 2008.

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    Is there something that can be implemented that when someone bumps up a really old thread with a new post that will warn the rest of us that it is an old thread?

    It is so annoying to see a thread with a interesting title and start reading it and the replies only to relize the thread and the replies are a year or so old but someone for some reason makes a new reply bumping it to the top...

    I'm not suggesting do away with new post to an ancient thread but can we get some kind of warning flag that the Thread Topic is old or stale or whatever?

    Example In the Main Trading forum no less


    Another example from the Wall Street NEWS forum

  2. I do not support this idea. Cuz that Jim Rogers call is excellent! A really old post would be circa 2005, not 07.
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  4. Some people are so bored, that they will reply to a 2 year old thread, when the person they talk to no longer exists.

    I agree it is annoying, with the exception of someone who is trying to research a topic, like a particular website or software and the thread is pertinent to their research.