VZ T - Why are Telecoms getting @$$-hammered?

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    So the Four Season LV has this traffic circle for the valet. They had their limo parked in an awkward spot and this gig driver had to maneuver near the grassy knoll. Anyway, I rolled my ankle a bit on the curb and walked into the street to recover/keep from falling. I saw the car before I stepped into the street and the dude wasn't doing anything wrong. I doubt he was doing more than 10-15 mph.

    I had to meet mukoh at Bardot/Aria and then make it to the hangar for my flight. I would have missed my awesome breakfast and my charter flight all to squeeze the insurance for an amount I earn in a day.
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    I have @kmiklas, the studio apartment, by the airport-dweller on blast. He doesn't know WTF is going on here.
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    Hmm, so a low-ankle sprain. You sure you are not Saquon Barkley?

    (Note: The slo-mo looks gnarly. I envision this happening to Dest and him laughing, while saying "fuck-off" to the pain.)

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  4. They seem very cheap to me here from a straight P/E which I think seems reasonable for a mature industry for the next 5+ years. Am I missing something as well- seems like they should hold up well even in an inflationary environment or with yields going up (value stocks that have recently been deleveraging there businesses)?

    Besides general sentiment or T soon to be cutting their dividend does anyone else feel the value is really good here?

    Disclosure: I previously had held long positions in both T and VZ and have been adding to them both over the past 2 days.
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    Title 2 regulation aka price caps on broadband service.

    From Barron's on 10/11/2021 (A Cable Bull Goes Neutral on the Stocks. Here's Why.):

    Louthan (Raymond James cable analyst) also sees the Federal Communications Commission taking a more active role. Senate confirmation hearings for a fifth commissioner and the appointment of a permanent chair will draw more attention to the agency later this year. Price caps, net-neutrality regulations, and other sensitive issues will become a greater part of the discussion under the Biden administration.

    "When it arrives, we do not expect price regulation to be as draconian as a national pricing tariff of $49.99 or anything like that, but we do expect broader expansion of low-income plan eligibility, additional subsidies...and much heavier scrutiny of competitive practices," Louthan wrote.
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    Nice find... thank you! Would you say that Barron's is worth the subscription price?
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    I don't subscribe. It is one of the sources that TD Ameritrade has in their News tab if you check a symbol for news.
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