VZ T - Why are Telecoms getting @$$-hammered?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by kmiklas, Oct 12, 2021.

  1. kmiklas


    Daily/hourly candles... Anyone know what's going on? I've been Googling for 15 mins can't find any news.
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  2. xandman


    They haven't grown revenue in years. Worse for T who has acquired a lot of media assets and is competing with Netflix .

    The rise in interest rates compounds the issue as they are big users of debt. With no revenue growth, how will they pass on costs to the customer?

    5G was a big capex that hasn't paid off.
  3. themickey


    Falling thru long term support @ $52.
    There may be a blowoff bottom coming with support at $50-$49.
    Has PE=10, Should be a good buy soon.
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  4. destriero


    Likely debt downgrades coming in Nov.
  5. Overnight


    Indeed. I have a small position in T when I switched to a high-div portfolio just before last year's COVID crunch, and the stock has yet to recover to BE, even with div payouts. POS.
  6. kmiklas


    I thought that T would get a pop from spinning off DirectTV
    DIRECTV to Own and Operate Former AT&T Video Operations (att.com)
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    Vanzy! I was never hit by a car in Vegas, but the markets sure caught me with a few nasty punches in the past couple years.
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    I never have either, be it Vegas or anywhere else.
    Head on a swivel goes w/o saying when you live in a world of idiots.
    Walking or driving.

    Ya know, you brought VUZI to ET. At $5
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    You may have forgot, but I never did.
    It went 5X, and is still 2X.
    It was a good call.
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