VXN & VIX entering new trading range?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by DisciplinedHedg, Apr 14, 2003.

  1. VXN & VIX are getting pretty low here...

    any opinions on whether were entering a lower trading range on the volatility indices as we unwind the war premium?

    or are we just in the process of topping out as usual in this bear market, despite what all the talking potato heads are saying about this economy?
  2. This chart suggests it's topping out.....will be interesting to see how she plays out.
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  3. yabz


    Compared to the last decade VIX is still high...
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  4. Husky02


    should be interesting...QQV and VIX are almost yearly lows....you have to ask yourself is this time different...will they keep dropping and send the S&P to 1100. the 3 E's(earnings, economic and election) are all on a downside bias. my guess would be to get short pretty soon, once these indicators start to turn around...we could possibly see new yearly lows....should be interesting
  5. Agreed, the vix hasn't been here since jan 10th just before it dropped and the market is fairly complacent. We'll see if we can stay above the 200 day ma.
  6. The key to the VIX is not so much the level but the reversal.