VXN implosion

Discussion in 'Trading' started by shortie, Aug 25, 2006.

  1. VXN drops 13% on a flat day (qqqq +0.3%). could this be interpreted as a bearish sign from a contrarian point of view? since the market looks like it is topping but the option activity indicates lack of fear.
  2. Labor Day, end of Summer volty.
  3. buy all long gamma you can stomach next week.
  4. IV doesn't know how to sell gamma. It's not in his wiring. =)) He has his assistant trade the sell to close orders.
  5. :)
    Actually , I do !
    Yo , B , GOOG volty broke all time low today (22) , are you a seller here?
  6. I sold GOOG volatility last month (30 wide fly) and luckily came out very nicely. Timing was great in hindsight. Now waiting for the GOOG explosion like you I'm sure.
  7. nice trade , Mo.
    Actually , no future GOOG trade for me. They still kept OCT (possible reporting month ) volts at 30 , and given a non-event last qtr , I don't expect GOOG to run much above 35. There is much better opp right now.
  8. I haven't traded a component ticker in months; not since the last journal entry in CME or GOOG. I wouldn't be selling GOOG vol under 30%. I had a Jan 07 400 short straddle that I had been holding for months which I offset recently.

    Edit: No, I did trade GOOG into last report, a short synthetic straddle. That was was a $14,000 winner per 10 lot on Aug.