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  1. On thinkorswim I can set the VWAP only to Daily/Weekly/Monthly and each time it resets so after 1/7/30 days respectively it becomes in line with stock price. I there a website or software that has VWAP that won't reset and instead work like a standard Moving Average?

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  2. i keep hearing about this..vwap..
  3. mokwit


    Hijack: Anyone know of a TS or Multicharts indicator that allows you to calculate VWAP between two specified dates for a time period maybe as much as several months apart. i.e. LT VWAP
  4. try using; chart period vwap, in google.

    should get a couple varied TS indicators based off vwap in the top 5 results, of either a specific period, or set by the chart period.

    have fun with it.
  5. I didn't get any useful results, just some learning material.
    Came across StockCharts.com when I made the search but they only offer inter-day VWAP; It's commonly used for day trading but I see nice signals for swing and longer term trading, if anyone using TOS check out the monthly VWAP.

    Still looking for a more customized version of the indicator

    Hijacker please let me know if you find long terms, that's what I'm looking for
  6. if you write think or swim.. they will program it for you. .
  7. ive read a little about vwap..but could you explain it in your terms.. and how signals are formed?
  8. It's simply a moving average but with volume also thrown into the calculation. So the higher the volume when an equity goes up the higher VWAP will move as well; if you combine with a standard 30 day moving average I found that the signals are reliable - look for times when VWAP crosses it up or down. But you must use a long term VWAP, at least the one offered by TOS.

    *If you look at the popular ETF's like SPY and DIA it looks perfect at the first glance but go back more then one year - notice you should wait for confirmation before following it
  9. I know two quant groups that make a lot of money trading full auto. Both of them told me vwap was backtested heavily with no advantage found at all for potential s&r or trade set ups.

    I have looked at vwap and after a week I could not find any tangible use. Trading simple is the best answer. Follow the price action and stick to trends.
  10. Volume to average price H+L+C =typical price
    Summation of (Typical price x volume)/ cumulative volume

    OK so its showing you a average price volume... its like if I get the mechanics of the math I'll never forget it

    You could easily program this in ninja trader multi charts or excel...mvwap is interesting .. smooth it out over whatever timeframe your trading to ssee where your price is to relate price volume... your fixing price to volume in this indicator... in which it is in reality your just seeing it more clearly in a line in price action instead of just bars at the bottom of the chart.. hard to see price volume relativity with just volume bars
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