Vulcan Materials VMC Setup Going Into Likely Earnings Beat

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Stock Trader Lance J, Jul 25, 2017.

  1. Vulcan Materials has a good setup on the chart going into an earnings announcement on August 1 2017 in which it will likely be a beat.


    That's a beautiful rising large players volume as the price of the stock has pulled back which suggests large players are accumulating on pullbacks. The Twiggs Money Flow is a bit weak but it appears to be rounding up.


    Very close to a momentum squeeze on the chart but more importantly, look at the beautiful TSI buy signal.

    I went long this stock in my personal trading account today and my plan is that this is a short term swing long on an earnings beat so I'll likely sell around August 1st.
  2. This was a bust trade for me. Got stopped out for a small loss.
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  3. vanzandt


    Had I seen the original post, I'd have warned ya off.
    I follow this one.
    This is a short.
    In a nutshell....
    They only have a tangible book value of about $4.50 per share and over 2 billion in variable debt.
    Cash flow/share is $5. Thats about right I suppose for this sector.... BUT...

    ...Its a Trump trade. If he can get something done in Congress... then yeah. But if not, this thing breaks $110 easy before the year's out. (Which is a safe bet as Congress is obviously a clusterfuck.)
    Those interest payments sting. No bucks.. no Buck Rodgers. (quick. which movie?) And as best as I can ascertain.... for now at least.... at least from a fundy/historical pov... this thing is overvalued.
    That being said.... in a way its a story stock too in the sense it will move on BS news out of DC.

    Glad you stopped out.
    Take it short on gridlock.