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  1. rumor has it that recently he has just been throwing up. at least until he got the 20 handle move down last week which recouped him 10 million or so.

    at least thats the rumor from an uninformed source.
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  2. Wow! Can someone invest in your fund through Vtrader?

    Is Jeff G. still part of your team?

    Keep it up!!!
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  3. jeff g and i are still tight; i think my lawyers would have problems with answering your other question on a public forum; would cause problems i think with sec rules-

    but, again, the word recoup was used, as i was getting blasted the two weeks prior- although my year to date return , thank g-d, is still in the triple digits overall.
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  4. What type of strategies are yielding such results (long gamma scalping, short gamma scalping, broken wing butterflys, ??)

    Btw... what type of leverage does VTrader offer for swing positions? Is it the 15% overnight haircut?

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  5. Risk based haircut which is typically between 10% to 15% based on index or sym vol.

    The biggest advange lies in off setting risk in futures world with cash products where markets are tighter and this cross magin across asset classes can help your returns by 500 basis points when done right.

    Leverage cuts both ways so do not drive the sports car if you can not handle the HorsePower.
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  6. Love it, LOL.

    Don :D
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  7. Besides VTrader, are there any firms that will provide leverage to option traders?
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  8. I would like to know too espcieally in the SF Bay area.
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  9. Maverick74


    There really are no other firms like VTrader. Most firms specialize in one area or another. They don't offer the broad spectrum of products and certainly do not promote any kind of over night trading.
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  10. wenzi


    What happened to Quicksilver futures and VTrader? Their websites seems to be dead.

    quiksilverfutures.com -> a GoDaddy page.
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