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  1. You'll increase the value of the firm two-fold if you can get the OTC permissioned. I know of quite a few large, experienced traders who want to trade OTC vanillas and exotics from an office setting. Lots of sell-side guys would jump at the chance.

    Do you validate parking? :p
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  2. Gee Mav, it took several pages to see your post...taking a vacation? (LOL, Just bugging you).

    FWIW, Vtrader is on my "good guy" list (as a competitor of sorts), not the "much feared Don Bright bad guy list)...LOL.

    Jeff G. who I think still runs it, used to be a Bright Trader, and went out on his own with a couple of different ventures over the years.

    I like Mav, seems fair and honest. Don't necessarily agree with the derivative trading being safer overall (at least not for the inexperienced guys), but that's just my opinion...and, Mav is in Chicago, where there is more pressure to trade other vehicles.

    However, "Long Gamma overall". Definitely much safer than the other side overall. I just can't bring myself to buy options...as the great Blair Hull once said "options are meant to be sold". LOL.

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  3. No Riskarb, I have not decided to leave VT at all :D

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    Yes Don, I am on vacation! I'm glad to see I'm not a target of the Bright mafia. Scary group. LOL.

    Again, I'll try to put this as subtle as I can, our firm is not interested in unexperienced traders. Therefore the derivative comment is a moot point.

    As far as being long gamma overall, that's the benefit of cross margin and haircut. And btw Don, Black Scholes dictates that the expectancy is the same whether you or long or short options. But that discussion would be off topic on this thread.

    Have a good weekend Don.
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  5. Maverick hates Mr. Hull.
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    Dammit, I'm going to have to have Baron pull that pic. I hate having my pics posted on ET. Ugh!!!!!!
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  8. Is ET member TivtheTrader still throwing huge numbers up at VT?
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  9. What kind of numbers was he throwing up?
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  10. ozzy


    Big Numbers. I think I remember hearing a couple mill in a week or so. But who knows how much he's playing with.
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