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    anybody trading with them?
    any comments?
  2. "VTrader, LLC and VTrader Pro, LLC is Member Managed. Our traders join our trading LLC and become Class B Entrepreneurial Members. K1 Income is distributed at year end and each member has the opportunity to receive Firm profit share (5%). A complete understanding and consideration of the RISKS and required documentation is mandatory."

    Anyone, what would K1 income be.....thanks!
  3. K1 income is partnership level income and taxed as that on your returns vs 1099 or w2 income. It generally gives you better tax consequences.

    Mixed Straddle tax treatment is also offered and worked well for futures and index option traders.

  4. OK....so what would be paid out as K1 income (your 5% annual profit sharing monies???)....thanks!

    Futures monthly trading profits should be paid out as mixed straddle....right?
  5. Your trading profit.
  6. I don't think you can get the profit share. When you join a prop firm, you usually join it as Class C member. If you join as Class B member, you probably will join as a sub-LLC, and have to put up a large amount of capital. Hopefully someone from VTrader can clear it up for us.

    I am also thinking joining them. Any info regarding this firm is welcome.
  7. Yes....I think "Cap In" for futs is $25k.

    Oh, here it is...........

    Minimum account size for Stocks only: $15,000
    Minimum account size for Stocks, Options and Futures: $25,000
    Minimum account size for Option Writers (naked) and Combo Positions: $35,000"
  8. I think the cap of $25K is for individual prop trader. If you want to share the firm's profit (5%), you need to put a lot more.
  9. Anyone here trading with the "V" ?

    Pro's and Con's?
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