VTBook PCMCIA Card for 3rd monitor on Laptop

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Luto, Sep 30, 2007.

  1. Luto


    Hi All,

    I am selling this card.


    Complete with software disk. Runs on XP only.

    Asking $70 and includes shipping in USA 4 -day return inspection too. (Buyer pays for shipping both ways).

    This card works amazingly well for trading (2d). It does not do 3d games. Never had a crash or foul up.


  2. Luto


    I have had some inquires but no takers.

    If you are interested please email me at Deanhosh@hotmail.com

    New Price is $50. Includes the card and orginal software.

  3. dbz


    Mailed you 2 times, sent you 2 PM and no reply... i was interested on it at 70, don´t know why price is now 50... anyway if you don´t want to sell it keep the price going down...
  4. Luto



    I have responded to both your e-mails. Check your filters-junk mail box.

    I beleive you are in Spain or out of the USA.

    A Mr Frankxxx has first dibs now at$50. I responded to him,

    Sorry for the confusion.

  5. Luto


  6. Just I quick follow up.

    I purchased the Vtbook from Dean. I'm pleased to publicly report that transaction couldn't have been any better or any smoother. Dean, from my experience, is an honest, stand up guy with whom I wouldn't hesitate to conduct biz with again. Thanks Dean. YMMV.

  7. dbz


    Was not telling he was good or bad... just that i got no replys. Perhaps spam filter was the problem... enjoy the card!
  8. I did not post in any way in response to your post. Never even entered my mind. I posted only because it is rather rare (at least for me) in this day and age for 2 individuals to succesfully negotiate a transaction via email, sight unseen, trusting in only a virtual handshake. Just thought I'd give credit where credit is due.