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  1. buzz


    Does anyone use VT Trader charts for charting

    How does they feed compare to other providers.

    I think they charts are excellent considering you can use them for free.

    You can also trade of the charts, I am not sure what they are like to place trades though as I dont use them.

    But as for charts I can fault them

  2. I currently use TV charts for a couple of reasons.

    Fibo pivots and fibo bollis.

    The price feed for the demo isn't obscured by a dealing desk looking at your orders.

    Here is an example.

  3. I also used Charts from VT and some trading systems that I has...

    But now I think that MT is better and more usefull than VT.

    Good trades! :)
  4. Here is the fibo bollis.

    and I like the TSI(true streingth index)

    I post trades on a thread.

    Here is tonights.

    long 1.2096 s/l 1.2075 target open.

    Testing middle bolli
    RSI showing divergence
    TSI bouncing off signal line

    When the sustained break of the trend line found support I entered.

    for trade updates.

    edit: target is not the top bolli but the one just under it.
  5. martym


    what does MT stand for?
  6. buzz


    Anyone having problems loging on the VT Traers Charts?

  7. MetaTrader (.net)
  8. I use VT provided by CMS and yes they are outstanding charts,hard to belive is free,but I am having a lot of problems with losing connection with their trading platform ,it happens to me about twice a day.I have no connection problems with FXsolution and Oanda.
  9. Nope I am on them now. Just posted one on a trade.

  10. Here it is.


    retesting middle bolli
    under daily pivot (1.2112)
    TSI cross
    MA's cross

    Target bottom bolli 1.2150/60 range

    I love these charts It has all the fibo indacaters you can want.
    And pivots.
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