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  1. Hi,

    I have been reading about volume spread analysis. I find it really interesting and have been looking at charts everyday to identify the signs of VSA. I've read the Tom William's ebooks.

    While I am not sure how a trade setup would best be executed using VSA, I am convinced that VSA is a valid method. However, its not as simple as looking at a couple of bars. It appears that it does need time to sink in. I think the more I read and re-read, the more it makes sense and I am starting slowly to see things.

    On one thread I noticed some excellent comments and chart analysis by a guy who had a link at the bottom of his posts. I followed the link and found more comments on various charts. The guy looks legit. From what I have seen it looks like he probably trades. On the other hand, he does give some seminars and courses... and well, you always wonder why :)

    Gar Dayton has an eight week course on volume spread analysis and apparently has setups too.


    Does anyone know anything about this guy?

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    are you still looking at VSA? If so reply, I have been studying it for a while now. Have a pdf that I can send you as well that goes into depth.

    Gary Dayton was part of the following seminar, he seems to convey some good info.

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    "are you still looking at VSA? If so reply, I have been studying it for a while now. Have a pdf that I can send you as well that goes into depth."

    I know this was posted back in January, but it would be much appreciated if you could send a copy of the PDF to me :)

    I just found out about it not too long ago and I am trying to do some research on it.

  4. I've used VSA for several years, started with Tom Williams then Tradequider. However, IMHO Bill Duryea of ioamt.com has a better understanding of the volume/price relationship. Watch some of his videoes: https://ioamt.omnovia.com/archives
  5. While I recently learned some good stuff from Bill D., how to actually read the footprint well I think that Kam of L2ST.co.uk was better. Both use Market Delta and Market Profile. Gary is a good guy he used to post on TL, its been awhile since I have read his posts. Bill seems to over trade IMO he always in and out.
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    VSA really helped me to understand the markets. Mostly assurance that this is not gambling, there are forces that influence prices, and they are not hard to grasp if you know where to look. send me a private message with your email and would be happy to do so.

    I was also in the IOMAT room for a short while. He was good, but at that time it way over my head. Learn VSA, then look at market delta.