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Discussion in 'Trading' started by Gold_Ric, Oct 3, 2002.

  1. Gold_Ric


    FISV anyone?? Nice Short , I hope someone participated. Pixr my my my

    BAX and DST still in short off 29.5 and 30.00

    Not sure why so many Traders thought we would explode today upside, but anyway.

    On tomorrows Schedule, Friday. Many split early here in NYC but

    I watch the following:


    25.25 +0.90 3.70% 869K 17:58 Bid/Ask(24.87-25.25) Day Lo-Hi(24.40-25.61)
    [18:43] <Belle> CAKE 31.85 +1.01 3.28% 815K 18:37 Bid/Ask(31.82-31.86) Day Lo-Hi(30.49-31.95)

    COnt of FISV ,ZION , New one on ALERT is CERN and COST, real easy if we pop , watch the resistance they will fall back, maybe not on friday but next week.

    Need Some help? Emails are open!

    <Belle> FISV 23.59 -3.64 -13.37% 5.79M 18:23 Bid/Ask(23.90-24.25) Day Lo-Hi(23.37-26.67)

    10-02-02 06:56 PM
    Thursday's the "WildCard.......Look out$$$
    This is where the market pivots. We have earning surprises people , don't ignore!!

    BAX did a super slide off 29.50 I hope someone earned $$$$

    TKTX , Nice after hours Short off 21.50 , Holy Moly!!!!

    On the short End:

    FISV- I look for slide

    Good luck all!!!

    don't forget PIXR,,Shes in motion!!!

    FISV 27.23 -1.83 -6.30% 2.53M 18:37 Bid/Ask(27.44-27.45) Day Lo-Hi(27.05-29.01)
    [18:45] .aapl
    [18:45] AAPL 14.17 -0.34 -2.34% 4.10M 18:37 Bid/Ask(14.16-14.17) Day Lo-Hi(14.10-14.63)
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    Curious as to why you changed your alias from Gold Rik which you used earlier this year to Gold Ric?
  3. Gold_Ric


    I had another log on withthat name to an old email that doesnt exist, password lost in space.

    Why anyway? Does it make a difference anyway? Gold is Gold!
  4. Magna

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    Yes, true gold is. And then there's iron pyrite which has been known to fool some folks.
  5. Gold_Ric


    Like there are moderators then there are moderators, like anything else...everything has its duplicate...

    Theres always caution steps to use.
  6. machine


    Hey Gold! Thanks for bringing my attention to DST the other day. Shorted at 29.40, covered today half of my position at 26 even.
  7. Gold_Ric


    What a perfect name!! U r a Machine!!!