VR goggles with multiple monitors

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    I want to check out replacing monitors with VR goggles. Does anyone know of any links to goggles with multiple monitor support (6)?
  2. Heh heh... That is awesome. I am interested in this as well.
  3. better get a swivel chair and have room to spin in 360s
  4. fxtrading makes a good point.

    You're thinking in terms of conventional monitor-based display technology not VR. In VR, there's nothing as conventional as multiple monitors. The headset gives you a viewport onto a continuous (up to 360 degree by 360 degree) VR landscape and the software that you're using must manage the contents of the virtual world and adjust the view that it sends to the headset to represent the view you would have looking in your current direction from your current location within the virtual world.

    In essence, you're looking at the single LCD display of a video camera that you're swinging around in space.

    For what you're thinking of, you'd have to have a VR world management system that could emulate a large video desktop as far as Windows was concerned but then adjust your view of that desktop dynamically.

    You would almost certainly be unable to see the equivalent of your current 6 monitors with the VR headsets except as sharply reduced representations. A 3x2 monitor config using 1280x1024 res on each monitor is an effective desktop of 3840x2048 pixels - much higher resolution than can be presented by VR headsets. So you won't actually be able to view the total scene at once, except to the extent that your software compresses the visual snap of each virtual monitor enough to show a partial representation of all of them. You'd then have to either zoom into one monitor at a time or layout your virtual landscape as if the six virtual monitors were in a line or a circle and you turned your head to view each one at a time in turn. VR headsets are limited by the # of pixels that can be packed on each ocular display.

    Assuming you found or wrote such software and could live with the whole resolution impedance thing, it'll be tough to sit through the whole trading day using a VR headset. If you think your eyes get tired now looking at your displays, it aint nothing like what you'll experience with VR.
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    Maybe he just wants it so he can have a hot trading assistant...:)
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    Thanks for taking the time to write such an extensive reply.
    I had hoped it would be pretty easy. I had done a VR walkthrough of my home I'm having built and was impressed. For trading all I need is 800x600 on each screen and a way to have two levels of three screens each. The VR component is not needed. I'm not a techie and the guy that does all my system work doesn't know about this stuff either. I guess I'll ask him to find a VR expo or conference and send him to find out how to do this.
  7. Why not just buy some LCD panels and a matrix rack to hang them on?
  8. Who sells those "Matrix" monitor frames? Id like to get my monitors off my desk.
  9. hi there - whats the latest in terms of VRD goggles? anybody knows?
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