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  1. Dear ET,

    I was putting together a comparison of VPS services and so far I got BeeksFX, CNS, and FXVM... However, I'd like to expand this list after hand testing some other options.

    Aside from the ones I've already included, which VPS services would you recommend and why?

    What makes them special?
  2. Vpsdime - good value for what you pay
    Been using them for over 3 years with 2 servers - no regrets
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    You can also include http://theomne.net/ for those who trade futures and need it in the Aurora center.
  4. That's a good point, I should break out VPS options that focus on Futures markets given they would be more concerned with being close to the CME / CBOT / NYMEX / etc...

    Or at least ones that offer co-location with futures exchanges.
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    Right! Also, maybe others can recommend a VPS that is based in Frankfurt for the Eurex exchange.
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  8. great suggestions guys, thanks!
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    UpLoad the results.
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    A lot of financial markets, equities and fx are in Equinix NY 4 https://www.equinix.com/locations/a...-states-colocation/new-york-data-centers/ny4/

    For example CBOE are in this data centre. Interactive Brokers have a cross connect in there. It was expensive to get in this data centre. I don’t know the current situation. There are very old threads on this forum about it. If anyone has up to date information then please share. It was reasonable to get vps nearby.
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