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  1. Hi All

    Does anyone have any experience of running a x_trader pro client on a VPS.

    I currently run some small algos on my local PC installation, and would now prefer to have this running on a VPS (windows OS, uk/london hosting). No real reason apart from being able to control the host bots remotely from anywhere in the world, and not having to worry about power outages, systems crashes etc.

    Anyone have any experience of this?

    Is a VPS suitable for this, or do you really have to be dedicated?
    What sort of specs/info do i need to make this work.
    Can anyone recommend and hosting suppliers?


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    I have been investigating this topic. If you want to be near the exchange then host at equinix frankfurt for eurex or equinix chicago for cme. The exchanges are in the equinex data centres. If speed is not of the essence the look at www.forexvps.com. Any other information on hosting finance applications?
  3. Although the bot trades mainly on the CME/Globex futures, the strategies are not *THAT* latency sensitive. Either way regardless of where I am trading the hosting has to be in London as I have to connect to the X_trader gateway hosted at MF Globals offices in docklands (as they are my clearer).

    So need windows (X_Trader wont run on anything else).
    London hosting.
    Maybe spec like:
    2 GB Ram, 2 x Quad Core 3.0ghz, 120 gb HD.
    Access via RDC

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    I wouldn't use a VPS for yourtrading as the machines resources are shared between up to 8 different VPS's. If you want the peace of mind of your machine running unfettered, go with a dedicated machine. It would be all yours for as little as ~$100 USD/month.
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    Find out which datacenter tt are in in London and use the same one.
  6. MFGlobal has its own datacentre (on site) with the TT-Gateway in house. They do not have client hosting facilities (makes no sense) so I just have to be as close as possible to this!

  7. I thought thats the point - that although resources are shared, you get exactly the proportion that you pay for? I.e. a share of a 24 core processor etc.

    Any ideas how much dedicated would cost in London, or has anyone has experience of one running X_Trader.
  8. A VPS works great until one of the other VPS servers on your machine, which is hosting a web site, gets overloaded with some promotion that company is running at the same time a big economic release comes out, currencies go wild, and you're left with ZERO CPU time for 30 seconds, after which you've just lost $10K. The $50 a month difference for a dedicated server won't seem too much to spend then.....
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  10. amazon.com has a VPS service with good reviews.
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