VPN's for Trading While Traveling?

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  1. Other than the standard Google search results and reviews, does you guys have any preferred VPN services you use while traveling and trading? I am traveling more than I used to for another business and my strategy is simple, no algo's or automation that would require remote login to a VPS or my office machine.

    I have a couple of LTE Hotspots, but sometimes their service is spotty in the remote office spaces or the hotels I am in.

    Thanks in advance
  2. For that kind of thing (like I am right now) I prefer good old Teamviewer to a VPN. Remote screen of the desktop, even from Android or Apple.

    You can transfer files of course also but I prefer to keep my work on one device and the remote device be relatively disposable.
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  3. The Teamviewer hack last year has me a bit paranoid, otherwise I would say that I would completely agree with you.
  4. I should have said I use the two factor authentication. Even then I don't allow Teamviewer to unlock the machine automaticaly, I just take control and enter my windows password manually.
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  5. I use a service called https://vpsdime.com/
    15$/month gives you 4 vcpus, 12GB memory and 60GB disk.
    It is very reliable - have not had any issues in over 2 years with it
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    The Opera browser has a built in VPN, for your using pleasure.
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  7. True, I didn't think about it like that. In the times I have used it. I have had it set for me to enter the windows password.

    I will check that out. My setup is very simple, so that would be more than enough horsepower for my needs. Currently I am using a ThinkPad T560 / i5 / 16GB Ram / 120GB SSD, so I am sure that would be quite enough.

    I have not used Opera in years, but I remember reading something regarding all of their future development was based on Chromium? Not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing. Chrome also has an extension / app for remote desktop that I have played around with.

    Outside of a hosted VPS, maybe it is worth picking up another Dell Workstation, or even at that point a maxed out Skull Canyon NUC and parking it in my "Basement Server Rack" to use as a dedicated machine to run all of my apps and let it do the heavy lifting.
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    You should ALWAYS use VPN. Especially if you are travelling and connections can be not trusted. Then you can surf anywhere much safer.

    VPN and Teamviewer are two completely different things. You cannot use Teamviewer for all the same purposes as VPN. You can use VPN AND Teamviewer.
    Check also "Screenleap". Safer because nobody can take over your PC. They can just watch and you can even block certain people selectively.
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    Beside hiding my activities from my provider, why using a VPN is safer, specially at home?? For trading it is actually worse, a VPN slows your connection down, thus I don't see why would a trader want to use it???
  10. A lot depends on where you reside. Some areas just have poor internet and utility service. It’s much more cost effective to run from your home office. To rent the computing power I need for my operation would cost an arm and a leg.
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