VPN to reduce latency for trading in Asia

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    My Das Trader is showing a ping of around 300 ms. It gets higher during the opening and usually lower 30 minutes after the open. Charts on Das are usually delayed for up to a minute. Level 2 and tape which are the most important thing for me, are not readable at all. There was a time when i was sending my order using a hotkey and nothing happen. A minute later, the order was accepted, filled and closed after hitting a SL. All happened at once.

    I've heard of traders using VPN from US to trade. Can anyone trading from Asia share their experiences if they are using VPN and if so, which provider and location of the server to help reduce latency to NYSE.

    Appreciate any feedback/solution.
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    Find a broker that uses cloudflare.
    I use VPN but from Europe. First traded with Generic Trader and ping was 200-300ms. then I changed to Ninjatrader and now my ping is 15-45ms depending on which serverlocation I use as VPN.
    If I can get such an approvement, you should be able to find something similar.
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    Do you know which server location helps the most? and how much are you paying for your VPN?
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    Is anyone trading from Asia? and relies on level 2 and tape reading?
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    Use www.starlink.com when available in your region. Satellite to satellite lasers in space make it quicker than fibre.
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  6. Why should a VPN reduce latencies at all? Makes zero technical sense. If you trade algorithmic strategies then what you want to look for is a VPS or proximity located server. A vpn still routes your traffic from your computer through the vpn to the desired endpoint. Sometimes it even greatly adds more latency.

    An alternative is to figure out whether you connect to your broker's nearest server, often times they have better connections between their server nodes than you routing all the way to their US sever.

    A vpn helps to anonymize traffic or if you are behind a firewalls such as in China. I doubt that is what your problem is from how you stated the question.
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    that makes sense.
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    You're right. I'm still learning about VPN and it doesn't seem to solve the problem. What i'm thinking is more of a remote view from a virtual machine located near to the broker's server and using a visual feed from the virtual machine to trade from. That way, all big data will be processed faster by the virtual machine and the only consumption of data is the visual feed to my local machine, which should be less compare to the market data processed by the virtual machine. If that makes sense this time. So yeah, i guess VPS is the right one.
  9. I doubt that you will see much improvement to be honest. Remote desktop data is usually a lot larger than a retail broker Dara feed. If you experience issues with the broker feed from your home connection then either there is an issue with your internet quality or otherwise the broker is having issues. You should never see more than 1000ms latency from Asia to the US. This points to your ISP or the broker having issues. What Ping rates do you get when you ping a US server such as Google or yahoo or Cisco?

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    My ping to new york is around 250ms - 300ms. My ping to my local server is 5ms. I assure you, there is no problem with my connection. The only issue is the physical distance involved, from my broker's server, presumably in New York to my location in Singapore. Like the mentioned example, the persistent delay of market data, especially during the open can be up to minutes and gets better after 30 minutes or so. I don't have much technical experiences, but i speculate this has to do with huge chunks of data creating bottleneck situation with the cables under the sea. There was a time, when fibre optic cables were attacked by sharks, so as they reported, and it caused serious delay of Das trader, it took like 10 minutes to print a 1 minute candle. I don't think the remote access and viewing of a virtual machine would be that long and i can also reduce the resolution of the virtual machine so that my processing on my local device would be even faster.
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