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    It's generally argued that Ron Paul does not stand a chance of getting the nomination. Many Paul-ites would then prefer he run a third party ticket.

    What if he becomes the running mate of the nominee - would that then get all you angry voters to support the ticket? Considering his extensive grassroots support and network, he has got to be near the top of the list since the VP candidate has pretty much always been someone who could deliver the votes to win the election (at least he has to be viewed better than Christie on that front if the ticket wants to win this thing).
  2. Very interesting. This is the first time I've heard this suggested. I don't believe any of the status quo candidates would select Paul as a running mate because they are all diametrically opposed to what he stands for. Having said that, it is an intriguing possibility and I'd wager some of his supporters would see it as a victory. For me, it would really depend on who selected him and to be quite honest, given Ron Paul's demonstrable integrity, I don't think he'd accept the invitation from any of the current candidates.
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    I don't think Ron Paul would appeal to most independent voters and Texas is already in the Red column. Santorum who could help make PA red would be a better choice among those currently running for President.
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  5. Nobody would put Paul as their VP and I doubt he would accept that position
  6. How about Paul-Romney ticket ? Much better , imo.
  7. Romney is the Default Dud now and that cannot be changed at this point even though there is a rotation going on to give everyone else their fifteen minutes in the barrel. Every since McCain got the nomination last time around it was a given that either Romney or Pawlenty were the next duds in line and that the party would frig around with Caribou Barbie for years and then suddenly wake up to the fact that the reality is that no other real candidates have been developed and brought along- so it will be one of the default duds. So far, that projection is right on track.

    Ron Paul is a patriot and and independent thinker but he is more political theologian, liberterian think tank, cult counter culture hero, throw red meat to the crowds type- not presidential material. The libertarians have been spinning around for years with the "your party stinks and mine doesnt" attitude. The reality is they have never been able to organize, put together a field of candidates and build an organization to contend with. If you put two of them in the room you have three different positions even though they may be right about lots of things. Politics is about getting it together and taking power-or not. Listening to Caribou Barbie or Ron Paul say pithy things has entertainment value but not much political mileage other than to feed their road shows.

    In regard to VP, it is all about whether Romney can cajole Marco Rubio on to the ticket. Jeb Bush has said he is not interested but when directly asked about whether he would consider it if the president gave him permission/mandate to focus on education causes he said "I would have to consider it." But either of those would elevate Mitt Dudney's competitiveness. Yes, I know Marco Rubio has said he is not interested "and is going to focus on doing the job he was sent to Washington to do." Okay fine. We know what that means. Ron Paul is nothing but trouble and a non-starter.

    Note again that I said that Ron Paul is a patriot and and an independent thinker and has value in the scheme of things. This isnt about pushing his face in the mud. It is about putting a strategy together that will work- where "work" is defined to mean "throw Obama out on his arse and get the country on the right track."
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    The Ron Paul distraction simply guarantees Obama will be reelected.

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