Discussion in 'Stocks' started by spoonie, May 2, 2007.

  1. spoonie


    up 250%

    I'm looking for advice on stocks that go 250 -300 percent in a day.

    One would assume its a for sure obvious short. However, being new to the trade game I'm looking for criticism, thoughts, advice about this scenario.
  2. Tuke


    I'm pretty new to all of this myself but I'm guessing you may want to look into penny stocks if you're looking to gain 250-300% a day. I'm pretty stoked if a stock gains 5-10% in a day!
  3. spoonie


    I think I worded that question wrong --

    250% gains are typically " pump and dump " stoxs - (Unless its not, meaning the price gain is completely justified) and not very common.

    So my question is ...

    What would justify a price gain like that to maintain with no pullback. OR is there always pullback (statistically). And an easy decision for a short ?

    I think I have thought in to this way to much and know the answer but curious on what the "experienced trader" thinks about the scenario.

    Please excuse my ignorance.