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  1. I recently read in a book of the history of the US, that back in the 1600s, the only people that were allowed to vote were people that paid taxes, or owned property. All the rest could not.

    After Obama getting elected by a mass of people that pay no taxes, nor own any property, I believe that the old way is better. Why should people that do not contribute, nor have any skin in the game by owning property, be allowed to vote?

    Just because some kid that lives at home with his parents, without a job turns 18, should not be a reason that they can vote. Someone living in section 8 housing, getting public assistance should also not be allowed to vote.

    And when I say pay taxes, I mean actually paying taxes, not having Federal taxes withheld from your paycheck and then getting it back at the end of the year with the EIC credit where they end up not paying a penny in taxes after all.

    What is the point to let these people vote? They have no skin in the game.
  2. Nice to see you've given the issue your usual deep thought.

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  3. Sure,lets bring back all the polices from the 1600's while we're at it
  4. This is why,

    Politicians benefit from the growing numbers of poor people by running on a continuous promise to eliminate poverty. Yet poverty is never eliminated because that would fulfill their promise and destroy their voting base.
  5. I'm surprised how many of you still buy the, your vote counts scam. It ain't about the vote, it's about who picks the people you're voting for, and guess what, you ain't doing the picking. Corporate America makes those decisions, and then you get the illusion of having something to say about things by casting a vote for Corporate Whore A, or Corporate Whore B. If they didn't let the commoners vote, people might actually catch on to the scam.
  6. Case in point....

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  7. Still deeper than your thoughts.