Voting Machine Fraud AGAIN!

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  1. This is figgin amazing. One would have thought these rigged machines would have been certified by now.

    Notice how ALL of these instances are in Republicon manned polling stations

    October 18, 2008
    Some early W.Va. voters angry over switched votes
    Jackson County touch-screens switched votes, 3 residents say
    At least three early voters in Jackson County had a hard time voting for candidates they want to win.
    By Paul J. Nyden
    Staff writer

    At least three early voters in Jackson County had a hard time voting for candidates they want to win.

    Virginia Matheney and Calvin Thomas said touch-screen machines in the county clerk's office in Ripley kept switching their votes from Democratic to Republican candidates.

    "When I touched the screen for Barack Obama, the check mark moved from his box to the box indicating a vote for John McCain," said Matheney, who lives in Kenna.

    When she reported the problem, she said, the poll worker in charge "responded that everything was all right. It was just that the screen was sensitive and I was touching the screen too hard. She instructed me to use only my fingernail."

    Even after she began using her fingernail, Matheney said, the problem persisted.

    When she tried to vote for candidates running for two open seats on the Supreme Court, the electronic machine canceled her second vote twice.

    On her third try, Matheney managed to cast votes for both Menis Ketchum and Margaret Workman, Democratic candidates for the two open seats.

    Calvin Thomas, 81, who retired from Kaiser Aluminum in Ravenswood in 1983 and now lives in Ripley, experienced the same problem.

    "When I pushed Obama, it jumped to McCain. When I went down to governor's office and punched [Gov. Joe] Manchin, it went to the other dude. When I went to Karen Facemyer [the incumbent Republican state senator], I pushed the Democrat, but it jumped again.

    "The rest of them were OK, but the machine sent my votes for those top three offices from the Democrat to the Republican," Thomas said.

    "When I hollered about that, the girl who worked there said, 'Push it again.' I pushed Obama again and it stayed there. Then, the machine did the same thing for other candidates.

    "Why didn't she [the polling clerk] tell me before I even used the machine that might happen? And how many people, especially my age, didn't notice that?

    Some one needs to be in jail this time.

    Just figgin ridiculous.
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    This is the real voting scandal in America.

    For the third time now, Repugnicans are attempting election fraud while crying wolf about so-called voter fraud by Democrats, as if "Mickey Mouse" is ever actually going to show up and try to vote.

    What happens in voter registration fraud perpetuated by individuals is the organizations that hired them are the real victims: ACORN paid for legitimate registrations and got screwed by a few criminal employees. ACORN flagged the suspect registrations before turning them over to the election offices. Now some offices are pretending like it's the end of the world to deal with these already-flagged registrations that can easily be set aside until after the election because, as I said, Mickey Mouse isn't going to be showing up at a voting poll.

    Meanwhile Republicans running election offices continue their 2000/2004 election fraud games with rigged machines, disproportionately distributed machines, caging lists, yada yada. Typical criminal behavior: the ones commiting the real crimes are the first to claim victimhood. :mad:
  3. There should be separate page on the computer for each candidate.
  4. Either the Republicans are changing software or else it is more examples of some stupid demcrats who can't follow instructions.
  5. This might shed some light on the answer to the question you posed:



    October 20, 2008 --

    Pushed to meet daily quotas and bullied by bosses if they didn't, Ohio ACORN workers faked voter registrations, signed up people more than once, and even paid off registrants to keep from being fired, its canvassers told The Post.

    "Every day, there was pressure on us. Every single day," said Teshika Elder, a Cleveland single mom of three who worked for ACORN this summer.

    "We had meetings every morning where they'd go over your quota; they'd yell at you if you were low," said Elder, 21. "They'd sit us down and say if you didn't do better, they'd suspend you. They'd say, 'Try harder next time,' [and] if you didn't get it, you'd be fired."

    Desperate canvassers sometimes resorted to trading cigarettes, cash and food in exchange for registrations, according to Elder and two other former ACORN workers, Jaymes Sanford, 18, and Selvin Cunningham, 23.

    Some voters were signed up more than once, and said that worried - or lazy - canvassers sometimes filled out bogus cards.

    The three workers were all fired after they and a dozen other canvassers were identified in a Cuyahoga County Election Board probe as having turned in multiple registrations for the same voters.

    The board, which estimates it got more than 8,700 suspect cards - with multiple registrations, bad addresses or phony information - from ACORN has turned the matter over to local prosecutors.

    "It was just little stuff - a dollar, a cigarette - given to people so that they'd register," said Sanford, a former team leader.

    "People are scared of not making their quotas," he said. "I didn't do it, but it's the way it worked."

    Elder added, "I've got no money to give out. I don't smoke, so I had no cigarettes to offer. But other people did, and the pressure you were under forced you to."

    Cunningham, who also had been a team leader, said, "They're pretty lenient if you're off [quota] by just a few names. But if you're repeatedly missing your quota, if you only had three or four [people signed up], then you might start paying people."

    Anyone caught offering bribes, Cunningham said, was supposed to be fired.

    But a woman with Cunningham who identified herself as a current ACORN director said not all rogue canvassers are shown the door.

    "Those guys are still working at ACORN," said the director, who asked not to be identified. "We know who they are; we've told them not to do it. But they weren't among the people fired."

    The director also confirmed the ousted workers' quota claims: team leaders, who are paid $9 an hour, are required to get 26 registrations a day. Canvassers, who make $8 an hour, need 22 sign-ups.

    Sanford, who estimates he registered 500 to 1,000 voters, and Cunningham, who signed up about 1,500, said its hard not to get multiple registrations.

    "When you're asking 1,000 people a day if they registered, you don't remember every face," Cunningham said.

  7. yawn

    I don't think anyone gives a shit about acorns.

    except for illiterates like you.

    So a ballot has "mickey mouse" on it?

    Do you,

    as a loser fucking imbecile,

    actually think,

    anyone manning a polling booth, dem

    or repub, will allow "Mickey" to vote?
  8. A defense contractor owns Diebold.

    WTF do you expect?

    Your vote doesn't matter anyway.
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    Is that right?! Geez.

    Bev Harris is on the forefront against electronic voting.

    Way easier to rig an electronic vote with backdoor proprietary software than a paper vote.