VOTING FRAUD..Dekalb County Georgia

Discussion in 'Politics' started by da-net, Feb 5, 2008.

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    hi guys,

    just wanted to alert everyone to voting fraud that is taking place in Dekalb County Georgia...this county has electronic voting cards....just came back from voting and while I was there i observed a woman in her mid to late 30s that had cast her ballot (yellow card) and turned it in...then she returned to the voting machines to retrieve a young boy about 12 years old from another voting machine...she retrieved him and another yellow voting card which she turned in. total 2 cards, one adult capable of voting

    i informed one of the poll workers and asked her how this happened ...she replied "i don't know"

    looks like someone has gotten their hands on some blank voting cards for might want to watch it in your state to see if it is happening there
  2. georgia is using the diebold machines and there is no paper trail what so ever. there is no doubt the geirgia results are bull chips.
  3. The only way we can combat this fraud is to enact a constitutional amendment, banning same sex marriage.

    Sooner the better