Voting for Barack Hussein Obama? Think Again

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  1. Ya beat me to it.

    Ya think the left wingers here will get the message?

    If Georgy had been attending Klan meetings for 20 years, the press would have been all over it.

    Let's see if this gets more than a small , token nod.
  2. Retired


    G. W. Bush, a religious Christian, is responsible for the death of tens of thousands of Iraqis.

    Enough said.
  3. Gord


    Wrong. Saddam is estimated to have mass murdered an average of 60,000 Iraqis per year. On top of this it is also claimed by liberal groups that between one and two million children died because of malnutrition and lack of medicine under the UN sanctions and the oil for laundered money program. Deposing Saddam just based on these numbers alone was justified. Liberal complaints about deaths in Iraq now, pale by comparison. It was the humane thing to do to overthrow Saddam even considering the unexpected insurgency. Many more Iraqis are alive today than would have been if Saddam had been allowed to continue.
  4. from a conservative i can tell you this is complete rubbish. let me guess.. you watch the michael savage show? you do know he is a beatnik right?
  5. While I have no love lost for GWB please remember, its Iraqis, not our troops who are killing Iraqis.
  6. You're no conservative, you're a conspiracy nut.
  7. lindq


    I can assure you that more than 60,000 have died in that country since our invasion.

    So your point is what? That Saddam killed for evil and Bush killed for good?

    Tell that to the dead. I'm not sure they will appreciate the distinction.

    But I certainly do, since my tax dollars went to support the latter, and not the former.
  8. Gord


    I wouldn't even know where to go to watch Michael Savage. I read these stats quite a few years ago, before the war. I believe it was a NY Times story, but it could have been AP. The liberal group behind the child death numbers were using them to urge a removal of the UN sanctions. The point is - Iraqis were dying at a much higher rate before the war than since the war.
  9. Gord


    You don't read too well do you?
  10. ratboy you dimwit, its a radio show. Do you watch the radio.

    Go back to your bong.

    Dare you take in in the #$# self hating lefties to listen to the Nazi like speeches Ob(s)ama's preacher gives.
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