VOTES FOR GOODIES: 19th c. style politics just came to the 21th...

Discussion in 'Politics' started by short&naked, Nov 7, 2012.

  1. If anybody thinks that Obama was elected on the issues think again. We are much closer to the following than ever before:

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    The split within this country that has been progressing for the last 14 years will now be even stronger with conservatives becoming more radical as an answer to the extreme liberalism that we witnessed last night (Obama re-election, gay marriage, pot, legalized, Puerto Rico possibly becoming 51st state, etc.).

    A super power must more or less act as one and this will no longer be possible. The first step of the dissolution of this nation into an amorphous mass: splitting into two definite sides. After that these two will dissolve further into various sub-factions.

    The above marks every Republic that fell in the past.

    I see a country of free loading immigrants, single-mom’s, geriatrics wanting more an more freebees, pot-smokers stuck in the 60s and fringe, religious right-wingers (i.e. nothing in the middle-no middle class).

    We are devolving as a nation and on our way down we are passing by were we already have been: the 19th century.

    Just one question: Who is going to pay for all this...
  2. That'd be me. You're welcome.
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