Voters wised up?

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  1. Schneider said as he interviewed voters across the country, "a lot of voters said, 'I'm going to vote Democratic.' They didn't even know the name of the Democrat, but they said, 'I'm going to vote Democratic because I don't like Bush, I don't like the war, I want to make a statement.'"
  2. Yeah, that sounds highly intelligent. Vote for someone you don't know squat about because you're annoyed.
  3. Keep it simple stupid? Just pick the less of the two evils... :D
  4. Now if only the American people could wise up by another 30-40 mean IQ points, we'll be governed by laissez-faire capitalist Libertarians, as the founding fathers intended.

    Go Flynn effect!
  5. You just described what the repubs did in 94...

    So that was an unintelligent move too?

  6. I guess you forgot the Contract With America. We knew what we were getting and we wanted it. I can't really blame voters for wanting to get rid of a House leadership that seemed clueless or backstabbing congressmen who forgot who put them there. But the alternative will be a lot worse.
  7. not so different from knowing you're going to vote republican in 08 before you know the candidate and platform
  8. OK, fair enough.
  9. Maybe you did but a majority of republican voters did not:

    "It is interesting to note that “fewer than 30 percent of Americans had even heard of it [the Contract with America] when they voted for a Republican sweep in November” (Wilkinson 35). And according to a Time magazine poll taken in January 1995, only 34 percent of those surveyed “approve of the job that the U.S. Congress is doing” (Church 34). This just shows that although Republicans are marching ahead with their Contract, few Americans understand and “approve” it. "

    Z10's right, there is no difference between dissatisfied voters voting blindly republican in 1994 and democratic in 2006.

  10. Voters REJECTED the values of the "IM-Moral minority"!

    The values where someone is a flaming homosexual, yet will publicly and vocally push for anti-gay constitutional amendments

    The values where someone is publicly and vocally against gambling, yet will take gambling kick backs in secret

    The values where incompetent people are placed in positions of power because of who they know and what they believe, not what they know.

    The values that have ruined America and made it the biggest debtor nation in the history of mankind

    The values where people carry the bible on one hand and wage war in false pretext so as to enrich a few well connected leaders

    In 8 short years, the "IM-Moral Minority", the scum of this earth, the bane of humanity, have been exposed for what they are. A bigoted, racist, illiterate, corrupt, incompetent cesspool of shit.
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