Voters WHo Identify Themselves As Democrat Drop To 22yr Low

Discussion in 'Politics' started by bpcnabe, Jan 7, 2011.

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    Who wants to associate themselves with the "party" that seeks the literal destruction of our freedom and way of life.

    Liberalism is clearly a mental illness as others have been stating here for years.
  3. Its still higher then the number of self identified Republicans
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    Most positive thing about that poll is that more and more people are shunning the party bull shit and thinking for themselves, becoming more independent.
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    I agree, it would be best if the number of independents was 80% or higher, and we got rid of all these assholes from both sides.
  6. A lot of liberals are disguising themselves as independent to influence real independents and disgruntled Republicans. A great example is the media, who refuse to acknowledge they're a bunch of liberals. [​IMG]
  7. It's the party of the disenfranchised. Since the Democrats essentially bribe their constituents with massive public sector largesse, extended unemployment benefits, welfare, food stamps, etc, etc...the "buy" votes by scaring their constituents into voting for a continued gravy train.
  8. I agree completely. Unfortunately, most people won't believe you. They will always suspect that if you disagree with them, you MUST be a supporter of the OTHER party.

    My latest scrape up with this brain dead kid, Tinfoil is a perfect example of how any anti-liberals are branded as Republicans, no matter what.
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    If you don't like it, don't have so many disenfranchised.
  10. That's at least a generation or two away. After all, 40 years of encouraging and even paying women to push out kids hasn't really worked out so well.

    I'd be in favor of only allowing individuals with something at stake, the right to vote. i.e. those with employment (not government employment) and homeowners, land holders, etc the rights to vote.

    After all, someone with nothing to lose and everything to gain should not be afforded the vote of getting something for nothing.
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