Voters Give GOP First-Time Lead on Health Care

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  1. Before entering the thread I knew it was a rasmussen poll

  2. Economy Dem 40% GOP 46%--After what Bush did to the economy rasmussen says the Gop leads :confused:

    National Security Dem 43% GOP 47%-After the biggest terrorist attack in this countrys history happening under bush and one of the biggest fuck ups in this countys history (Iraq)rasmussen says the Gop leads :confused:

    Immigration Dem 35% Gop 43%-After John McCain tried to give amnesty to every illegal alien rasmussen says the Gop leads :confused:
  3. Why because they are the most accurate?

  4. Typical statists response. If you don't like the message, shoot the messanger.

  5. I think the above sentiment equals a black eye for the socialists in the 2010 election cycle.........I wonder if Mr. Obama will be able to adjust as quickly as Mr. Clinton did.
  6. reg


    I didn't hear you complaining about Rasmussen when it had Obama ahead of McCain during the last election.
  7. Every poll had Obama ahead of McCain.

    On a side note I don't follow Polls,I follow INTRADE.(Which currently has Obama a 66 33 favorite for re election)
  8. Well what are you waiting for? You ought to take your entire life savings and bet on Obama for that one. At 66 to 33 with 3.5 years till the election what could possibly go wrong?

  9. That is against my risk/reward ratio.I will never risk 66 to make 33

    Those that think Obama wont be re elected can risk 33 to make 66,I would make that bet if those were the odds for Obama re elected
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