Voter Fraud In Ohio By The Van Load

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    COLUMBUS, Ohio — Two volunteer poll workers at an Ohio voting station told Human Events that they observed van loads of Ohio residents born in Somalia — the state is home to the second-largest Somali population in the United States — being driven to the voting station and guided by Democratic interpreters on the voting process. No Republican interpreters were present, according to these volunteers.

    While it’s not unusual for get-out-the-vote groups to help voters get to the polls, the volunteers who talked to Human Events observed a number of troubling and questionable activities.

    A source, who wishes to remain anonymous, is a volunteer outside the Morse Road polling center. She has witnessed Somalis who cannot speak English come to the polling center. They are brought in groups, by van or bus. The Democrats hand them a slate card and say, “vote Brown all the way down.” Given that Sherrod Brown is the incumbent Democrat Senator in Ohio, one can assume that this is the reference.

    Non-English speaking voters may use an interpreter. The interpreters are permitted by law to interpret for the individual voting; however, they are forbidden from influencing their vote in any way. Another source who also wishes to remain anonymous has seen Democrat interpreters show the non-English speaking Somalis how to vote the Democrat slate that they were handed outside. According to this second source, there are not any Republican Somali interpreters available.

    The logical follow-up question is whether a non-English speaking person is an American citizen. Although Republican leadership in Ohio passed a voting reform law, it was repealed by the legislature itself after the Democrats threatened a referendum. According to the Ohio Secretary of State’s web site, someone wanting to vote early in Ohio must supply one of the following in writing on the absentee ballot form, whether voting early by mail or in person: an Ohio driver’s license number; the last four digits of the social security number; or a copy of a current and valid photo identification, military identification, or a current — within the last 12 months — utility bill, including cell phone bill, bank statement, government check, paycheck, or other government document that shows the person’s name and address in addition to the voter registration acknowledgement.

    The voter is not required to show the driver’s license or social security card, but must merely write it on the absentee ballot request form. While the individual would be required to show a utility bill, bank statement or other printed document if he or she chooses that option, this is in lieu of writing the driver’s license or social security number. Therefore, the information cannot be checked against the Bureau of Motor Vehicles or other state databases. Essentially, a person is asked to check a box stating that they are a citizen, and the poll worker is to trust that they are the person who is listed on the item being shown or the information being written. In other words, someone can be an illegal resident of the state of Ohio and the United States, get an apartment, turn on the heat, bring in the Columbia Gas bill, register to vote by the deadline, and vote by showing that same bill. There is then no verification that this individual is a citizen of the United States.

    Matt McClellan, the press secretary for Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted, explained, “There is a process to challenge a voter’s eligibility. The point in time for a challenge to be brought ended mid October. A poll worker could challenge a voter if they had questions as to whether or not a voter was registered or eligible to vote.” However, if the poll worker does not raise the issue at the time the voting occurs, that person’s vote will otherwise be counted on election day along with everyone else’s vote. McClellan was not aware of any reports of irregularities at the Morse Road voting place in Franklin County.
  2. Some people incorrectly think, "The ends justify the means."

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    The democraps find ways to circumvent the law so they can get their illegals to the polls and cast illegal votes. I'm sure they offered those people money to go vote and to tell them how to vote. Just like they pay the protesters to protest.

    Voter ID laws are need and needed now!!
  4. What a cheap and easy way to develop vote fraud. Go to Somali, round up two van loads of people, obtain visas for them, fly them to Ohio, get each an apartment, pay the first and last month's rent plus security deposit for at least 20 apartments, order utility services, and register the Somalis to vote. Oh, and get two vans.

    Why didn't the Democrats think of this before?

    Ohio has a Republican governor and John Husted - Ohio Secretary of State - is Republican. If he says he doesn't know of any irregularities in the '12 election so far, I trust he knows of no irregularities..that favor Republicans.
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    And the reason the dems don't want voter id is because they want to keep their sick asses in office no matter what laws are broken.:mad:

    I had to show my id to buy a cigar recently...
  6. Why?
    Did it come with an intern?
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    lol! Only Dumbocrats get to do that.:D
  8. "Voter Fraud In Ohio By The Van Load"

    They are doing it all wrong in Ohio. In North Carolina the Democrats do Voter Fraud by the Bus Load.
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    The buses were missing tires because of the liberal thieves in Ohio.