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Discussion in 'Politics' started by FasterPussycat, Aug 24, 2002.

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  1. i find it interesting that with all the silly posts on e.t. (you can find tons on tag line thread) you choose to single mine out for "correction". that you choose to "correct" my posts and don't say a word to other "offenders" to your strict "no humor" policy. my my the arrogance just oozes from you doesn't it. ha!
    #81     Aug 26, 2002
  2. rs7


    Because you are more fun than the other guys. Can't you take a compliment????

    And I have a "no humor policy"? I thought you read my nonsense posts!

    #82     Aug 26, 2002
  3. smokey_mcPaat

    smokey_mcPaat Guest

    my god, when are you two (rs7 and FPC) just gonna fock and get it over with? this playing grabass back and forth on these pages makes for dull reading and a waste of our time- who cares about this stupid super ego guy that is obviously some guys (the smart $$ is on FPC) alias that he hides behind and dervies lame satisfactions from- i hate wading through so much fluff and bs on this site.......if you want to ramble about dumb shit, do it at the bar with your buddies :D :D :D aaaerrrrggghhhhhh
    #83     Aug 27, 2002
  4. rs7


    My friend smokey...

    I thought I tried to keep my personal response to FPC pretty concise and friendly. No reason not to.

    He asked me why I disagreed with superegos' approach, and admittedly I got too far into it. But I thought it somewhat worthwhile to make the explanation.

    Of course, looking back, I now realize I could have made it more brief. But it is always easier to edit after the words have been laid out. And I just went with my thoughts. If I were to write, edit, re-write, re-edit, etc, to make all posts completely concise, and to the point, it would be a real job. This is just supposed to be for fun. I have done real journalism. It is quite tedious.

    My main contention with the superego thing was that I just felt that it was not benign advice on his behalf. If one were to follow his "system" exactly, that, to me,would be a dangerous move. I thought it was irresponsible, and so I explained why.

    Sorry I bored you. But I don't know why you read what does not interest you. As I have said before, one of the great things about ET is that you can know right away what to ignore, what to skim, and what to pay attention to. No one, me included, wants to waste your time. Fasterpussywhatever asked me to elaborate on why I disagreed with superegos approach. I answered him and hope I got my point across. That is all any of us can strive for.

    Besides, this is all in the Chit Chat forum. This is pretty lightweight stuff compared to some of what we have seen here. There is a place for everything. This seemed like the right venue for this.

    Good luck, good trading, and good karma to you.

    #84     Aug 27, 2002
  5. Babak


    Whether anyone wants SE to return is a moot point as he appeared without anyone asking for him the first time. I'm sure as FPC gets bored (or forgets to take his medication), SE will show up sooner than later. In the meantime, this thread is a total waste and is being closed.
    #85     Aug 27, 2002
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