Vote: The best virtue in trading: Good things take time.

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Success in Trading is all about Time.

  1. Yes; That's my secret to success.

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  2. No; I don't need that at all.

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  3. Unsure; What exactly is that?

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  1. The best virtue in trading: Good things take time.
  2. YES

    I've been saying it for freakin years

    it just takes bloody time, stare into charts until they start singing and dancing and carrying you on their shoulders to speak :p
  3. me1969


    It's all about price and TIME.
    I use time limits combined with price stop losses.
    I structure my trading in timeframes.
    It needs a lot of time to grow.
    A lot of time I repeat my mistakes, but over time I can avoid my mistakes better and better.
    Time changes everything.
  4. Great things happen in a moment!
  5. Timing a perfect entry and exit is as good as it gets.

  6. When you just begin trading charts look like a blur to you. But one day after countless years of staring at the chart you will be like wow I actually know what this stock ShOULD do. Thats when you will understand mostly everything. In my opinion, this is do to your subconscious. Your subconscious will make the decisions for you. Again, this is my thesis and should be looked upon critically. I did not prove my thesis yet, still studying my idea.
  7. Thanks for the votes and feedback, Guys.
  8. "It isn't as important to buy as cheap as possible as it is to buy at the right time." Jesse Livermore
  10. Wow.. just wait until you get to the behavioural part.

    There is a fast track alternative to your experience.

    The people who are or will be responding with the no answer, probably went the alternative route.

    The subconsious is the larger part of the learning process and there are many proofs documented on this nowadays.

    Since this is the case, it may be capitalized upon to fast track being very successful in a very short time.

    One of the most profound examples is a guy in Vegas. One of the side effects of his trip is how he talks when he is lookng at chats of the market either real time or canned.

    About every 5 to 10 minutes he stops and takes a breath. He has just relized that he is talking at a pace that is extremely rapid and would defy an ordinary person understanding him. His lead programmer (Nick) is used to this in work sessions, and he "gets it" even though there is a significant filter in the space.
    for this guy to be able to bring what is ordinarily unconscious into the space, the guy says it is like he is first hearing the words at the same time they become audible. He is very aware of this an his facial expression is much like that of an intent listener as he actually is the speaker.

    Another by product of this level of operating is where you choose to narrate relative to the present. Once you are working with some other talented person(s), it is a very good idea to peg your narrative to a leading spot that gives the person time to steer himself to the pertinent part of the upcoming display. Then both of you can zoom into the detailed signals that are coming up.

    The surfer/Spyder exchange is a good example in part. It was a remote (not in same room) connection that might have flown very well. The necessity to be on the same page, at least, wasn't met, however.
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