Vote Ron Paul

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  1. If you are rooting for the demise of the US, then you should vote for Obama, Giuliani, Clinton, or any of the other talking heads who say the same shit over and over and over.....

    Ron Paul, though his ideas are radical, HE, the man, is NOT...
    He's a Constitutionalist...
    and he has phenomenal ideas...
    Ideas that would not be radical if only the American public wasn't so fucking stupid...
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    You can enjoy constitutional rights if you are willing to fight every bureaucracy with it's hand out. Excess fines are unconstitutional but they are everywhere, gun confiscation is illegal, you have to join the NRA for that one, freedom of speech is perfectly fine unless you are religious... I take that back, unless you are a Christian.. etc... shitty public schools are illegally funded with federal tax dollars, you can try to fight them if you want to find out how krappy bureaucracies work... you can ask a police officer to sign a receipt for your personal property when he asks for your drivers license, most are trained to not sign anything and will let you go in most circumstances actually.. People just have to learn what their rights are and stick up for them. I'm putting aside some attorney money, it is a legal fight, but for the most part it doesn't take an attorney to get things done.
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  5. No shit!!
    Is that true?
    Wouldn't that cop just get royally pissed with you?